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Peace Dale Library.jpg
Peace Dale Library (Hazard Memorial) seen from front lawn

PD front entrance open.jpg
The original doors of the Peace Dale Library (Hazard Memorial) newly opened to the public

"This memorial
To their father
Was builded by his sons
Begun October 22, 1890
Dedicated October 9, 1891"

Builded 2.jpg
"In memory of
Rowland Gibson Hazard
Born in South Kingstown
October 9, 1801
Died in Peace Dale
June 24, 1888"

PD Front entrance.jpg
Arched entryway, stone steps, and dedicatory "Hazard Memorial" granite slab of Hazard Memorial (Peace Dale Library)

The Weaver in sunlight.jpg
The Weaver photographed at midday in sunshine

Rowland Hazard portrait.jpg
Portrait of Rowland Hazard (1829-1898)

Rowland Gibson Hazard marble bust.jpg
Marble bust of Rowland Gibson Hazard 1801-1888 displayed in Hazard Memorial (now Peace Dale Library)

Perth Amboy brick fireplace.jpg
Photograph of Perth Amboy brick in Old Main Reading Room fireplace of Peace Dale Library

Diman over fireplace c 1900.jpg
Early 20th Century photograph of Peace Dale Library Old Main Reading Room with portrait of the Rev. J. L. (Jeremiah Lewis) Diman over fireplace

Diman over doorway.jpg
Portrait of the Rev. James L. Diman. A Brown University professor, Rev. Diman was Caroline Hazard's tutor. She later published a book about him. A 1894 Narragansett Times article documents the arrival of the portrait at the Library.

Brass chandelier in Peace Dale Library

Antlers on display in Peace Dale Library

Inside back cover of Joseph Peace Hazard's Diary. Contains handwritten notes on his association with his brothers' business in 1829 and 1835.
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