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Aug 6 Weaver inscription below.jpg
Photo depicts dedicatory inscription in the stone below the bronze

Hale front with flowers.jpg
Front steps and garden of Hale Library

dont erase hale.jpg
Photo of blackboard at Hale Library

stained glass window Hale Library.jpg
Interior view of Hale stained glass window

Hale hours sign.jpg
Outdoor sign with Robert Beverly Hale Library hours and South Kingstown Public Library trees logo

hale book sale 004.jpg
Boxes of books for sale

current sign.png
Library logo highway sign in context, on Route 1, Matunuck RI

Great Swamp man reading, umbrellas.jpg
Photograph taken at the Dedication of the Great Swamp Monument, South Kingstown, RI, 1906

Town Seal Page 337 1893.jpg
The South Kingstown Town Seal was adopted at a Town Meeting on May 16, 1893, as shown on Page 337 of the Town Meeting Book, 1868-1919

Town Seal Page 426 1892.jpg
An imprint of the reverse side of the South Kingstown Town Seal is shown in the Town Council Minutes of May 27, 1892.

Town Seal Page 425 1892.jpg
An imprint of side 1 of the South Kingstown Town Seal is shown on Page 425 of the Town Council Meeting Minutes, May 27, 1892

Town Seal Page 261 1890.jpg
Page 261 of the South Kingstown Town Meeting Book, 1868-1919, contains the first mention of a town seal.

Lib Tour E. B. Carpenter plaque.jpg
Memorial plaque to Esther Bernon Carpenter (1848-1893), a Hazard family relative known for her writings on local history and her correspondence with Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (1809-1894). Bronze mounted on oak, 1894.

Lib Tour Diman portrait.jpg
Oil painting in ornate gilt frame of the Rev. J. Lewis Diman, D.D. (1831-1881), Hazard family friend and Professor at Brown University. Gift of Rowland Hazard (1829-1898) in December 1893. Diman tutored Caroline Hazard (1856-1945), who compiled a…

Lib Tour newel post.jpg
Newel post on main staircase. Of cypress, with low-relief carvings of flowers and curlicues, topped by a distinctively ridged finial.

Lib Tour bust.jpg
Marble bust of Rowland Gibson Hazard (1801-1888) on pedestal, displayed on dedicated granite ledge. The Hazard Memorial (also known as Peace Dale Library) was built in Hazard's memory and dedicated to him.

Lib Tour Antlers.jpg
The provenance of these antlers is not known, but they could have been captured by Rowland Hazard III (1881-1945). He and the Rev. J. Warner Fobes (1860-1920) made a 1903 trip to Alaska's Kenai Peninsula that RH III spoke about at Fobes' memorial…

Lib Tour granite steps.jpg
Closeup view of granite steps at original entryway
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