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Rowl G portrait.jpg
Photo of Rowland G. Hazard II in The Weaver dedicatory booklet

Caroline gown portrait.jpg
Caroline Hazard in academic garb, in a Wellesley publication

Caroline doorway portrait.jpg
Caroline Hazard in academic garb, holding book, looking forward, viewed from the side, occasion unknown

Caroline color photo.jpg
Caroline Hazard seated outdoors, holding wisteria bloom

The Weaver in sunlight.jpg
View of The Weaver in late morning sunlight

The Weaver in sunlight.jpg
The Weaver photographed at midday in sunshine

Shows The Weaver with green patina, prior to its 2002 conservation

weaver morning shot.jpg
The Weaver in morning sun

Shows a close up front view of the monument

Weaver poem.jpg
This image frames the top of the monument against the sky.

Weaver plaque.jpg
A plaque installed by the Town of South Kingstown in front of the Weaver, c. 2017

three scallop shells.jpg
Three scallop shells are shown carved in stone on the back of The Weaver. Caroline Hazard made frequent use of this symbol.

Roman Bronze Works.jpg
Signature of Roman Bronze Works, the foundry that cast the sculpture

planned set and inscribed.jpg
Image of lettering showing the role of Caroline Hazard in the sculpture's creation, and her relation to the dedicatees

French and Bacon inscription.jpg
Image showing "Daniel Chester French, Sculptor" and "Henry Bacon, Architect", carved into the lower corner of the sculpture's stone housing

Fabric on loom.jpg
Image of the fabric on the loom, showing a pattern of scallop shells and doves

drapery with knee.jpg
Drapery of garments worn by female figures
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