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salt pond view matunuck .jpg
Color postcard of cows at rocky Salt Pond shore, Matunuck RI

matunuck view with cars.jpg
Color postcard of general view of Matunuck with cars

surf during storm matunuck 2F.jpg
Color postcard showing heavy surf

surf bathing matunuck 2E.jpg
Color postcard of view from the dunes showing beachgoers and bathers in the surf at Matunuck Beach

Hale house rear view 1D.jpg
Color postcard showing rear view of summer residence of Edward Everett Hale, Matunuck RI, showing Wash Pond

pt judith lighthouse 18A.jpg
Color postcard of Point Judith Lighthouse

matunuck beach house 20A.jpg
View of Matunuck Beach House and The Casino

hidden hearth 1C.jpg
View of Hidden Hearth in summer, flowering trees in bloom

beach street matunuck.jpg
B & W postcard showing boardwalk, buildings

Color postcard showing a quotation by Edward Everett Hale: "Look up and not down, Look forward and not back, Look out and not in, And--lend a hand." Hale's Boston-based "Lend A Hand Society", incorporated 1892, still operates today.

B & w postcard of bathing beach at Watch Hill, RI

Color postcard. Wise Cottage was next to Gould Cottage and burned down. Now on the property of Matunuck Beach Trailer Association.

Color postcard of Weekapaug Beach, Westerly RI

B & w postcard of the summer residence of William B. Weeden. Excelsior No. A756. Germany.

Color postcard of William B. Weeden property on the corner of Route 1 North and Matunuck Beach Road. People would come to this house for water. Octochrome. No. D12962. Made in Germany. Unmailed.

Color postcard of The Old Fishing Shanties, Matunuck RI. Also known as Tucker's Fish House. No. C866.

B & w postcard of Potter's Pond, Matunuck RI

Color postcard of Potter's Pond

B & w postcard of Park House

Color postcard of Park House, a rooming house on Park Avenue in Matunuck
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