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1920 Newspaper coverage

  • Besides news of the dedication itself, The Narragansett Times included brief items on the progress of the Weaver’s construction. Daniel Chester French is reported to have come to Peace Dale to inspect the monument after its installation, but there is no mention that he was present for the dedication.
  • October 1, 1920: “The great stones are being set at the Hazard memorial in Peace Dale for The Weaver, a beautiful relief in bronze by Daniel Chester French in memory of a Father and his Sons, as the inscription reads. When it is completed a dedication will be held, to which all the townspeople will be invited.”
  • October 8, 1920: “Work is progressing rapidly in setting the stones for the new monument in Peace Dale. Mr. Daniel Chester French, the sculptor, is famous for his splendid statue of Lincoln in Washington, which is the great president’s chief memorial there. The setting is by Mr. Henry Bacon, who has also planned the setting for Peace Dale. There are three figures in Mr. French’s design; Time and Life, and the Weaver to whom they hand the thread they have spun. It therefore typifies the continuity of life in a very beautiful manner. Among the speakers will be President Faunce [of Brown University], and Mr. E. L. Pierce of Syracuse and the dedication will be held Saturday, October twenty-third, at three in the afternoon.”
  • October 15, 1920: “The Weaver, the great bronze relief by Daniel Chester French, was set at the Hazard Memorial on Wednesday and will be ready for inspection by Mr. French at the end of the week. Then comes the grading and planting around the monument, and it will be ready for dedication on Saturday, October 23d, at three o’clock. The exercises will be held in the hall. Distinguished speakers will make addresses, and there will be music. At the end of this service President Faunce will dedicate the monument. As the three men it commemorates were all Brown graduates, two of them for many years members of the Corporation, this seems particularly fitting. A cordial invitation to attend these exercises is extended to all neighbors and friends by Miss Caroline Hazard.”
  • October 22, 1920:Dedication Exercises. The Weaver has been duly inspected by the sculptor, and architect, and the planting and grading are nearly done. It will be ready for dedication on Saturday, when the Choral Society will sing, and there will be addresses. There are to be open exercises, and it is hoped every one interested will attend at the Hazard Memorial, Peace Dale, at three o’clock.” This piece concluded with a list of the musical selections to be performed.
  • October 29, 1920: The Narragansett Times included the full text of the dedication booklet.
  • October 24, 1920: The Providence Journal featured on page 3 an article and photograph about the dedication of The Weaver. Most of the text was taken from the dedication booklet.

 Jessica Wilson