Historic Matunuck Postcards


Historic Matunuck Postcards


Matunuck, R.I. historic postcards


This collection contains historic postcards of Matunuck, R.I. from Special Collections at Robert Beverly Hale Library.




Robert Beverly Hale Library Special Collections


South Kingstown Public Library


c. 1900-1967


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Allview Cottage, Matunuck RI
Also known as Barney's Pagoda. It was split in half and made into a house. Belonged to the Marilla. Marilla Barney & husband in foreground.

Along the Water Front, Matunuck RI
Boardwalk shown ran from Carpenter's Hotel t Fishing Club on the ocean side. Houses visible on left: Dr. Millette's; New Dawn; Marilla. Prospect Street after Marilla. Buena Vista is straight ahead. Americhrome. Printed in the United States. M-8714.…

Atlantic Avenue, Matunuck, RI
Chapel in between houses is St. Romuald's. Daly House (?) on right. The Boston Department Store on left (for employees?).

Atlantic House, Matunuck RI
Color postcard of Atlantic House, Matunuck RI

Atlantic House
Currently the Narragansett Salt Water Fishing Club.
M019092. Postmarked Aug. 12, 1921? Wakefield, RI to Mrs. Chas. Hall c/o Mrs. Sarah Knowles, Point Judith, Narragansett Pier, RI

Barney's Pagoda, Matunuck RI
Also known as the Allview Cottage. It was split in half and made into a house. Belonged to the Marilla.

Bathing Beach, Matunuck, RI
B & W postcard of Bathing Beach, Matunuck RI

Bathing Beach, Matunuck Beach, RI
Red roofed building was restaurant La Bea's (sp?). It was located across the street from the "Marilla". Burned down. No. 109591. Made in USA. C.T. American Art Colored. Chicago.

Bathing Beach, Watch Hill, RI
B & w postcard of bathing beach at Watch Hill, RI

The Bathing Hour, Matunuck Beach, RI
B & w postcard of bathers on Matunuck Beach

Beach, Matunuck RI
Fishing shacks on right. Great Aunt's bath house in center, Gould Cottage on left. No people on beach. Lobster pots near boats. No. 3747. Mailed to Miss Grace Kennedy, 26 Cypress Street, Providence RI.

Beach, Matunuck RI
Color postcard of No. B 11974. Matunuck Beach.

The Beach Looking East, Matunuck RI
What is apparently the wreck of a coal barge on beach. People used to gather coal from the beach in buckets. . Mailed from Pawtucket, RI to Mr. John N. Arnold, Dodge Pond, Rangeley, Maine. Number A-98157. Made in USA. CT. American Art, Chicago.

Beach Scene, Matunuck RI
Colorized picture of a fishing dory and two fishermen on Matunuck Beach. Made in Germany. Number C867. Mailed from Wakefield RI to Mrs. H. A. Barney, 700 Main St, Pawtucket RI from Mrs. Tucker.

Birthplace of Commodore Perry, Metunic, ,R.I.
Color postcard showing birthplace of Comm. Oliver Hazard Perry, born August 20, 1785, who was called the Hero of Lake Erie for his victory over the British in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.
Number 12344 on front. Postmarked Oct.…

Browning's Ocean Star Cottage
B & w postcard of Browning's Ocean Star Cottage. Formerly a children's camp, now the home of Theatre by the Sea.

Browning's Ocean Star Cottage
Color postcard of Browning's Ocean Star Cottage. Formerly a children's camp, now the home of Theatre by the Sea.

Buena Vista, Matunuck RI
Destroyed by 1938 Hurricane, the Buena Vista at one time had a tea room

Carpenter's Matunuck Beach Hotel
[Later] the location of Blackbeard's Ocean View Hotel

The Chapel, Matunuck RI
The Chapel, Matunuck RI
St. Romuald's on Atlantic Avenue
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